Trailer Mast - Up to 12m - SMC
Trailer Mast - Up to 12m

Trailer Mast – Up to 12m

Our Trailer-Mounted Telescopic Mast System is a lightweight and versatile solution designed to meet your temporary lighting and antenna needs. Weighing in at only 450kg, this trailer is easily towed by a small saloon car, offering unmatched convenience and portability.

With a capacity suitable for telescopic masts up to 12 meters long, such as the shorter NL Series telescopic masts, this trailer provides you with the flexibility to use various mast options to suit your specific requirements.

The telescopic mast’s pneumatic operation ensures a quick and effortless installation process, eliminating the hassle and saving valuable time. Whether you need to set up temporary lighting for events, or deploy lightweight antennas for communication purposes, this telescopic mast system is your reliable partner.

Please note that the mast is sold separately, allowing you to select the appropriate mast that best suits your needs and preferences.

Experience the convenience and ease of our Trailer-Mounted Telescopic Mast System. Trust in its lightweight design, quick installation process, and versatile applications for your temporary lighting, antenna, and other needs.

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