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SMC is an innovative, dependable, quality manufacturer of specialist masts built to perform in any environment. We supply specialist masts to a wide range of markets to meet their communications, lighting and surveillance needs.

Our masts are made from high quality’ purpose-designed parts suitable for the most extreme environments. They are used by the military and defense, emergency services, television broadcasters and meteorology agencies.

What type of mast are you looking for?

Masts - (Ultralock mast)
Deploy in any environment with confidence thanks to its unique tri-pin locking and one action release mechanism, increased stability and compact radius.
NX Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
NX Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
The NX Series of pneumatic telescopic masts are a cutting-edge solution engineered for exceptional performance. These masts combine innovative design with sturdy construction to deliver reliable results in a range of applications.
NL Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
NL Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
The NL Series of pneumatic telescopic masts features a 127mm base section diameter and is pneumatically operated by an air compressor.
NK Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
NK Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
The SMC NK Series is built to adapt to different deployment durations with ease. Whether you need a mast for a short-term project or a more extended mission, the NK Series excels in both scenarios.
NH Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
NH Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
The NH Series masts find their versatility showcased in various applications. From digital and CCTV cameras to RF measuring antennas and WLAN surveying, these masts excel in meeting your deployment needs.
Sectional Mast (PA2)
The PA2 Aluminium Sectional Mast Series offers a versatile solution for various applications, combining lightweight design, rapid deployment, and excellent durability to withstand even the harshest conditions.
Upright Mount
Engineered with precision and constructed from high-quality steel, this rigid stand is designed to complement all masts up to a 6″ base, providing unparalleled stability and reliability.
Lightning Protection Kit
Designed with precision and engineering excellence, SMC’s Lightning Protection Kit seamlessly integrates with a series of masts, accommodating heights ranging from 16.4′ up to an impressive 98.4′ (5m up to 30m).
Rotation Handle
The SMC Rotation Handle is an accessory designed to effortlessly aid in the smooth rotation of your mast and conveniently folds to a vertical position when not in use.
Climbing Steps
SMC’s Climbing Steps are are designed to clamp onto any position of the mast’s lower section and can be conveniently folded upright for transit.
Vehicle Roof Bearings
SMC’s Vehicle Roof Bearings are essential accessories for securely mounting masts through the roof of your vehicle. The assembly consists of an upper and lower aluminium bearing, designed to ensure stability and ease of use.
Magnetic Safety Switch
Simple yet effective, the Magnetic Safety Switch is conveniently fitted to the outer tube of the mast and operated by a set of magnets positioned at the bottom of the inner mast tube.
Foot Pump
The NFP/1 Foot Pump offers ease of use, allowing you to raise your mast with ease and convenience.
Mast Cover
SMC’s tailor-made mast covers are the perfect solution for safeguarding your mast from dust, dirt, rain, and other environmental factors during periods of non-use.
Cable Guide
Made of stainless steel, the SMC Cable Guides are essential for securely attaching feeder cables of up to 0.47″ diameter to the mast without disconnecting end terminations.
Base Guy Assembly
Our Base Guy Assembly is ideal for extending masts on open ground. Quick and easy to set up, providing vertical mast support.
Top Guy Assembly
For enhanced stability in inclement weather, the SMC Top Guy Assembly is designed to clamp to the upper end of the second from the top mast section.
Field Stand
SWIFT Mast Series
Designed for field extension of NK-Series masts, the SMC Field Stand features a four-legged aluminium alloy construction with adjustable legs for uneven terrain.
Tripod Stand
The SMC Tripod Stand offers reliable free-standing support for NH-Series masts on hard surfaces.
Tripod System
SMC - Tripod System
Our Tripod System is purpose-built to seamlessly handle a wide range of our N-Series and TPM Series masts, offering unmatched adaptability and ease of use.
Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU)
SMC - Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU)
Experience swift and effortless mast assembly with our Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), designed to get your telescopic mast extended within minutes.
Kilfrost is the ultimate cold-weather lubricant specially formulated to keep your SMC masts operating smoothly and efficiently even in the most extreme cold temperatures, where freezing is a possibility.
This specialised fluid ensures optimal performance and longevity for your pneumatic masts, making it an essential component of your mast maintenance routine.
SWIFT Mast Series
SWIFT Mast Series
The SWIFT series of push up and telescopic pneumatic masts, featuring the innovative SMC Quick Clamp Collar, is designed to provide a lightweight and economical solution for your mast needs.
GRP Push-up Telescopic Mast Series
GRP Push-up Telescopic Mast Series
Crafted with sturdy GRP construction, this lightweight and telescopic pneumatic mast offers unparalleled strength and versatility. Whether you’re in the field or at the campsite, this mast ensures reliable performance in any situation.
TPM Push-up Telescopic Mast
TPM push-up telescopic mast
The SMC TPM Push-up Telescopic Mast is a lightweight mast has been expertly designed to cater to your specific requirements, offering both a hand-operated push-up option and a pneumatically assisted mode for added convenience.
PFC Lightweight Series
PFC Lightweight Series
The SMC PFC lightweight series of telescopic masts have a base section diameter of 85.6mm. Designed with portable applications in mind, the PFC Mast series excels in mobile communication equipment scenarios.
HD Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
HD Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
The HD (Heavy Duty) Range caters to special applications that require accommodating large or heavy headloads or demanding maximum directional stability.
BR Mast Series
BR Mast Series
These telescopic masts boast a sturdy base diameter of 9″, operating pneumatically with the aid of custom-built air compressors, ensuring smooth and efficient deployment.
Adapters and Spigots
SWIFT Mast Tripod
Whether you require stable antenna positioning or flexible orientation, our adapters and spigots deliver reliability and durability.
SWIFT Mast Series Accessories
SWIFT Mast Tripod
The SWIFT Mast Series is designed and manufactured alongside a comprehensive range of accessories.
SMC MIL-810 Pan & Tilt Positioner
SMC MIL-810 Pan & Tilt Positioner
The SMC MIL-810 Standard Pan and Tilt Positioner is the epitome of robustness and reliability, built to excel in the harshest environments.
Mechanical Square Mast Series
Mechanical Square Mast Series
The unique belt-driven design, makes this a highly desirable mast. Perfectly tailored for camera systems weighing up to 50 lbs, it also seamlessly supports antenna systems within the same weight limit.
Reese Hitch Mount
Reese Hitch Mount
The SMC Reese Hitch Mount allows for mounting to the back of vehicles and gain the freedom to take your mast systems virtually anywhere.
Portable Tilt-Over System
Portable Tilt-over
The SMC Portable Tilt-Over (PTO) System is a robust, compact, self-contained unit that is easy to use and is bed mountable in standard pickup truck beds.
Nycoil is a specialised tubing and serves as a protective sheath, ensuring that wires and cables are neatly arranged and secured during mast operations.
Plug-n-Go Compressor
SMC Plug-n-Go Compressor
Plug-n-Go Compressors are reliable, versatile, and easy-to-use air compressors, available in two power options: 12V DC or 115V AC.
WTM Trailer Mast
WTM Trailer Mast
Four telescopic outriggers with wind-down legs, ensures exceptional stability. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it the perfect choice for effortless shipment.
Trailer Mast – Up to 30m
Trailer Mast – Up to 30m
Galvanised steel construction and single axle cross beam suspension for transporting masts up to 30m.
Trailer Mast – Up to 12m
Trailer Mast - Up to 12m
This trailer mounted Telescopic mast system weighs only 450kg and can be easily towed by a small saloon car.

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