TA5 - HF Antenna Matching Transformer

TA5 – HF Antenna Matching Transformer

The TA series of transformers are a reliable and lightweight solution, perfectly suited for incorporation into transportable HF antenna systems.

Designed to offer exceptional versatility, the TA series provides antenna designers with a wide array of options, combining various power ratings and impedance transformation ratios. This extensive selection ensures seamless integration with most antenna configurations.

Operating within a broad frequency range of 1.5 to 32 MHz, these transformers exhibit power capacities ranging from 50 Watts to 1 kW, catering to different power requirements.

Crafted with a focus on durability and convenience, the transformers feature a lightweight fiberglass body, making them easy to handle and transport for various applications.

Their robust construction includes hermetically sealed fiberglass bodies with low-loss resin, ensuring protection in any environmental conditions. Moreover, the input coaxial connector is thoughtfully protected within the specially formed body.

To further enhance safety and performance, the transformers are grounded, providing an additional layer of protection against static and lightning-induced electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

For those using the SMC range of masts, the spigoted version, known as type TAS, is available, providing a seamless and secure connection option.

Their rugged design, lightweight body, and adaptability make them the ideal choice for transportable HF antenna systems across a wide range of frequencies and power requirements.

Broadband 1.5 – 32 MHz
50 Watt – 1 kW
AV Power
Balance Impedance
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
50 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
75 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
200 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
300 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
370 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
450 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
600 Ohm
50 Watt i/p imp: 50 Ohm unbalance
800 Ohm

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