10/05/16 – SMC offering technical training on radio subjects

Radio System Training

SMC are well placed to offer technical training on a variety of radio subjects, these include;

Codan HF Equipment Training

Codan-HF-Equipment-TrainingSMC are Codan’s Europe. Middle East and Africa HF equipment service centre, and we can offer operator, installation, and service/repair training on the Codan NGT series, the Envoy series, and auto-tuned mobile whip antenna systems.

HF-TrainingHF Training

HF can be seen as a mystery to many new users, and we can offer training to include operation modes, signal propagation, skip zone, interference, antenna types, and frequency planning and prediction using readily-available PC software.

GB7IV-to-25W-2m-mobileVHF/UHF Training

SMC have planned, supplied and commissioned VHF/UHF systems worldwide, with coverage’s from area-wide to country-wide. We can offer training on the choice of equipment type, fixed and mobile antennas, modes of operation, differing types of trunked systems, and coverage planning again using readily-available PC software.

Contact SMC for further information and to discuss your requirements; sales@smc-comm.com