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SMC has been providing communication solutions to government authorities worldwide, providing on-site support both in the UK and overseas. Each project is unique and therefore we use our in-house design and manufacturing expertise to provide completely tailored solutions to fulfil your requirements.

Radio communications
HF & VHF radio systems
FP1 desktop radio
Design & manufacturing

SMC has provided radio communications equipment for diplomatic staff security in over 100 UK government embassy locations around the world. SMC also planned, supplied, and commissioned a country-wide HF and VHF radio system for the Rwandan government to aid refugee rehabilitation.

As cities can occasionally suffer from the loss of communications infrastructure such as landline and cellular telephone systems, especially in crisis situations, government authorities have come to SMC to provide fully independent two-way radio communication, including our FP1 desktop radio uninterruptible power supplies which their staff have often found to be vital to personnel safety.

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