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Non-Governmental Organizations

SMC have been designing and manufacturing products and communications solutions for a wide variety of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including Oxfam, Save the Children, UNHCR, and International Red Cross. We supply emergency and transportable communications packages, bespoke systems and rapid deployment equipment to enable a fast response in times of need.

Mobile loop antennas
Mobile repeater systems
Solar energy trailers
Design & manufacturing

We continue to further our commitment to helping these organizations by designing and developing custom solutions to meet the worlds ever changing problems.

Our Mobile NVIS Antenna Loop Antenna provides transportable HF communications whilst remaining inconspicuous. The antenna can be folded down flush with the vehicle roof to reduce the risk of being seen in dangerous areas.

Our Transportable repeater systems provide rapid, “grab and run” disaster relief communications, helping to save lives. Our solar energy trailers provide power, to run communication systems and low power equipment, in emergency locations where the local power may be limited or impaired.

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