26/09/17 – Sigalarm Testimonial – Bruce Sousa (Hilomast) – VIDEO

In the testimonial video below, Bruce explains why Hilomast has used Sigalarm for so many years and why they partner with us:

“My name is Bruce Sousa. My title is general manager and I work for Hilomast.

“What we do here at Hilomast is a unique product. The product elevates customers’ equipment like cameras, antennas, different test equipment. Being a Sigalarm distributor has really given Hilomast and also our corporate office in the UK, in Southampton, a feel that we know that our customers are protected.

“The safety factor knowing that we have a Sigalarm unit with our customer, that we’re not there with them, we know that they are protected. Because they’ve got the unit that they need to provide the safety so that their customers or their end users are safe.

“The Sigalarm unit itself has been tested. It’s been proven. And we know that as long as the Sigalarm is on one of our mast units, we know that our customers will have the best safety possible in the industry.

“Knowing that it works, knowing that it will be there for them. And that’s what they’re [Sigalarm] in business for: Saving lives. They don’t want anybody hurt, or they don’t want any equipment damaged.

“So, for many, many years we’ve been able to stay incident free. And knowing that the product continues working allows us to give us a peace of mind. And most of all I can sleep at night and know my customers are being protected by a really good product.”