Customer Background


DoubleTree by Hilton is a luxury hotel chain, part of Hilton Worldwide. Customer service is their priority, and their customers naturally appreciate the very best in service and hospitality. They are famous for serving a large, warm chocolate chip cookie with walnuts to each guest at check-in.
With this in mind, as well as needing the very best staff, the hotel of course also wanted to make sure their staff had an efficient communication system in place to give hotel customers the very best service.

The Requirement

DoubleTree Hilton in Islington wanted to upgrade their current analogue two way radio system to digital. This was to take advantage of new features which are invaluable to their operations. They also wanted an application to connect their new digital radios to their fire alarm system. This is to enhance the guests and staff’s health and safety. False fire alarms are very expensive and can impact a guest’s experience at their hotel – something that is very important to DoubleTree by Hilton. The hotel therefore wanted a system so that alarms can be investigated as soon as they happen, so that response is quicker and more efficient and that there is no danger to life or disruption to the guest’s stay.

The Solution

The hotel first upgraded their existing analogue two-way radios to DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) using Hytera PD365 and PD505 digital two-way radios.

They then installed an SMC Gateway which is a box that links to the fire alarm providing DoubleTree by Hilton with the requirements that they need. The SMC Gateway is a platform which interfaces digital radio networks with other systems, and runs applications tailored to that system; be it a fire alarm, GPS tracker, a security system or the Internet. The SMC Gateway can provide an easy way for others to get their applications/systems to talk to radio networks, by taking care of the translation of the proprietary radio protocols to IP/serial or other commonly used communications standards. Applications include Automatic Vehicle Location, Alarm Interfacing, Telephone Interconnect and much more.

The SMC Gateway interfaced the Hytera radio system to the hotel’s Honeywell Notifier fire alarm system. It enables both fire alarm and fault events to be forwarded as text messages to the hotel staff and management, such as the exact location of where the alarm was initiated. The radios alert and display the exact location of the fault/fire using the textual information from the fire alarm panel.

Before installed, the system was tested by generating faults on the fire alarm system, such as unplugging a smoke detector, followed by a fire alarm test.

The Outcome

gatewayThe hotel now has a working system in place so that alarms can be investigated as soon as they occur. The hotel may also be able to put a policy in place so that the alarm can immediately be investigated by a staff member near to the incident and management can then choose whether to sound the alarm or to clear it down. If it does not receive a response from the staff after a predetermined time it will sound the alarm call the fire brigade. The gateway also logs all these incidences so that if there is a problem later the exact series of event can be analysed.

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