logoThe setting is a luxurious hotel in the heart of Kensington, London. In addition to the regular functionality of accommodation, the Hotel boasts a suite of flexible meeting spaces, inspiring private gardens and a health club and spa.

The Hotel considers their guests’ safety paramount and endeavours to create the most seamlessly secure environment possible. Their existing analogue radio system was providing them with poor coverage and their pagers were slow to acknowledge potential fire incidents via messages from their fire alarm panel. The security team were concerned this was inhibiting them from looking after the wellbeing of their guests and were keen to update these systems.


Choosing the System:

paramount-radio-communications-ltdsmc-gatewayParamount Radio Communications Ltd recommended a digital radio system be integrated into the facility. The proposed system was designed around the SMC Gateway application, offering the customer the ability to integrate their required fire alarm alerts into their radio system. Comparative quotes were received but the Hotel considered the SMC Gateway to provide all the functionality they required for greater value for money. Motorola radio equipment was selected as it offered better configuration and application features to the SMC Gateway whilst offering its renowned strong signal strength, proven reliability and ruggedness to withstand heavy daily use.

The Solution:

radiotrade-ltd-and-motorolaParamount Radio Communications Ltd designed a new digital radio system for the hotel using a mix of Motorola MOTOTRBO DP4800 and DP4400 portables.

RadioTrade Ltd, an accredited SMC Distributor, then installed an SMC Gateway into the radio system using a Motorola DM4400 control station radio. The SMC Gateway was installed into an SMC produced enclosure with a power supply and battery back-up all built into one. This was then connected to the ADT fire alarm panel via an RS232 connection.

A system was designed using the SMC Gateway’s workflow programming tool to create the alert responses, initiated in the radio system, when a fire alarm sounds. This meant that when a fire alarm is detected, managerial team members, using the Motorola DP4800 radios, receive a text message alerting them with the key information of zone, location, time, date and type of alarm. If required, a team member could then activate the wider Hotel evacuation alert and all additional staff would receive an alarm alert sound to evacuate.

The Benefits:

The hotel now enjoys the benefits of an efficient digital radio system which offers reliable coverage throughout the building. The addition of the SMC Gateway allows team members to carry just one device that supports all the required communications and they are alerted to fire alarm incidents quickly, within 5-10 seconds.

This quick alert system allows security and management staff the opportunity to immediately investigate, giving them the ability to choose whether or not to sound the evacuation alarm for the hotel or if there is a false incident or fault. If there is an evacuation need, staff can determine the scale or emergency response necessary, the safest evacuation route for guests and staff and send out the wider evacuation alert sound to additional staff radios.

The system also allows staff to test the fire alarm system and participate in drills to maintain the high safety standards associated with the Hotel, without guests being disturbed or concerned.

The SMC Gateway logs all of the fire alarm events so that if they need to be analysed at a later date, all the timed information is available.

About the SMC Gateway

The SMC Gateway is a versatile device which allows you to connect multiple devices and write programs to control how they talk to each other. It allows you to expand the functionality of your existing radio system and add features such as alarm monitoring and simple location tracking. It can connect multiple technologies including, Radio Systems, Fire Alarms, VoIP phones, GSM dongles, LED signs & webpages to each other. Advanced application builder allows you to easily create your own programs for any function you can imagine.

Download Spec Sheet/information PDF – Kensington Close Hotel Case Study

More information – www.smc-gateway.com