The Customer / Customer Background

The End Customer is Hutchison Ports Sohar operating under Oman International Container Terminal (OICT) in Sohar, Sultanate of Oman.

The Requirement

Due to the size and nature of the Port, safety is paramount and a system was needed to connect their fire alarm system. The ability to respond quickly to an incident is paramount, in order to ensure the safety of everyone in the port. MD Solutions approached SMC to create a solution to this.
“We wanted to provide the client with a comprehensive alarm system that will integrate their fire alarm panels in one dashboard and provide better accessibility and overview for all the locations, critical and otherwise.
With the Gateways solution provided by SMC, we have an interactive solution that will save both time and effort and will enhance the performance and response of safety teams on site.”

The Solution

Working with SMC, MD Solutions, being a Sub-contractor to Sarooj Construction, wanted to create a single platform to communicate with the installed thirteen fire panels spread across the system utilizing OICT’s robust network, with one master SMC Gateway installed in the middle in a centralised location with a workstation & monitor. If a fire alarm is triggered, the map zooms into the area and plays a sound to alert people. Each of the 13 panels have an SMC Gateway sitting on OICT’s LAN and directly communicating with the Fire Alarm panels.
The systems also allows the customer to see reports on previous alarms recorded including when and where they were triggered and the reason why e.g. fire/fault
The faults show critical locations such as where gas canisters are kept, therefore if something happens there a fault will flag up.

Why SMC?

Having the port being built in phases, Fire Alarm Systems were commissioned by different vendors offering two different products (Gent and Kentec). Each phase itself constituted of remote buildings with no network connectivity between panels. The challenge was to create a platform that would seamlessly communicate with panels from remote location and two different brands, thus creating a single location for the monitoring and control of Fire alarms and faults.

The Benefits / The Outcome

The Port now have a working system in place and can respond quickly and efficiently to any alarms that are triggered, ensuring the safety of all users of the Port.
“A customized dashboard solution provides a user friendly alarm display system and helps the client with safety measures in everyday operations.”
The gateway also logs all these incidences so that if there is a problem later the exact series of event can be analysed.

Download Spec Sheet/information PDF – Modern-Digital-Solutions-Case-Study.pdf

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