Customer Background

Multiplex, a large global building contractor, identified a need for communications support for their crane drivers. Multiplex are committed to creating structures that endure the test of time, combining the latest sustainable design and construction techniques. They have an enviable track record of completing on time, on budget and to the highest quality and design criteria.

Brentwood Communications Ltd, suppliers of bespoke radio design solutions for all market sectors across the UK and worldwide, dealt with the install and day-to-day customer support of this project.

The Requirement

Multiplex required back-up support for their crane drivers, including the ability to record audio. This will give crane drivers peace of mind that all correspondence is recorded. If there are no comms, the cranes can’t operate, and it costs around £2,500 per 15 minutes for them to be down, so this monitoring system was crucial.

The Solution

The four audio channels run through a repeated system allowing four Gateways through four donor mobiles to record audio per channel and store all recordings on a Gateway, using 11GB of onboard storage. A 3G router was attached for external access to monitor and raise an alarm on power outages. As there is poor electricity on the site it was necessary to find out when the outages happened. There is battery back-up for the whole system to make it resilient and enable this to be recorded. Emails are sent out when the power drops below 13.6V.

The Outcome

The system has proved very useful. It provides a failsafe, so if the comms drop to battery back-up, Brentwood are notified so they’re aware of any possible issues before the customer is affected. They regularly remotely log in and provide Multiplex with recordings and status updates.

Tom Parker, Senior Systems Engineer and Project Manager at Brentwood said: ‘The Gateways and support from SMC have proved time and time again to be one of the most valuable pieces of kit on the market today. The attention to detail and support across the platform has been outstanding. We have many customers that are delighted by what the Gateway can achieve. I would fully recommend anyone to get in touch with ourselves or SMC to deliver a bespoke solution for your needs.’

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