01/06/16 – SMC Gateway Release Firmware 1.1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of the SMC Gateway firmware version 1.1.1.

Existing owners can upgrade if needed, just go to www.smc-gateway.com and log in to the support site.

New features on the SMC Gateway include:

gateway-2016-2Customisable Interface – Add your own company logo to the SMC Gateway and change the colour, fonts and much more by uploading a custom CSS style sheet.

Custom Telephony Introductio
n – Upload your own sound files to the gateway to customise how the telephone interconnect answers the phone.

Extra Storage – On new gateways see how much storage you have available on the status screen, and for gateways ordered since May, we upgraded the usable storage from 4GB to a whooping 11GB!

voice-recordingVoice Recording – Currently for MOTOTRBO only, record calls onto your gateway and play them back through your web browser.

RSSI Node – A new node that allows you to capture the received signal strength of your radios, so you can plot them on mapping for RF analysis.

Distance Node – Taking the latitude and longitude of a known location, you can create a geofence around a location. Using the switch node you can then trigger an event depending on if your radios are too close, or even if they move too far away!

New Fire Panels – We have added 2 new fire panels to the Gateway. These are the Advance MX Pro 5 and the Ziton ZP3.

XPT Support – We now support Hytera XPT for data features and for telephone interconnect, as well as conventional DMR too!