Stonyhurst College is a prestige independent private co-educated Catholic Boarding and Day school in Lancashire, set in a grade 1 listed building.

Stonyhurst College recently completed a security survey across the campus where several areas were highlighted for improvement. Event Safety Group evaluated the campus’ existing radio communications networks. The existing network was a 2 channel VHF High Band Analogue system with approximately 120 radios, and although it had served the college well, a significant increase in users called for an improved system.

smc-gatewayEvent Safety Group made a number of recommendations to upgrade the system following the evaluation, whilst also including value added functionality and streamlining communications across the large campus. Stonyhurst agreed to a phased migration to a Digital DMR system, which would initially involve the replacement of one analogue repeater with a new Radio Activity, Kairos repeater configured in a hybrid mode for both DMR tier II and Analogue. The radios selected being Tait TP9355 VHF handportables and TM9355 fixed base units. This allowed a number of key improvements to communication, including the use of text messaging and status updates as well as individual and group calling, the college has also started a phased roll out of alarm integration to the system. Using the SMC Gateway has allowed for status messages to be paged to all radios in the security talk group as and when alarm conditions change. The historic library has had an intruder alarm fitted and in time the majority of the campus’ intruder and fire panels will also be connected to the SMC Gateway to allow for communications through a single radio – which will significantly improve the response time to incidents.

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