This notice is intended for individuals with whom we deal in our business, including candidates applying for jobs with us. It is not intended for our employees or sub-contractors. We categorise those individuals (“data subjects”) as follows:

  • Corporate Subscribers—deal with us in their capacity as employees or owners of businesses which have other employees.
  • Individuals—academics, the retired, those between jobs, sole traders without employees and those who only contact us because of their personal interest in our business and technology.
  • Candidates—those who have applied for a job with us.

We obtain and process personal data in different ways depending upon the data subject, the purpose of the processing and way in which we obtained your personal data.

In most circumstances your data will only be processed within the UK or EEA. If for any reason we need to have your data processed elsewhere we will inform you of that, any privacy risks involved and what we have done to minimise those risks. In most circumstances we would also seek your consent for that.

Some of your personal data will be incidentally processed outside the UK or EEA where data privacy rules are not as strict as within the UK/EEA and where there is therefore a greater risk to its security. We use data storage facilities and email sending services based outside. We ensure that we have GDPR compliant arrangements with them. 

You can at any time ask us to tell you what personal data relating to you we hold.

You also have the right to ask us to rectify your data if it is inaccurate, erase it or restrict the processing of it. In some circumstances you can ask us to provide it to you in a format which would allow you to transfer it digitally to another.

Where we have requested and you have given us consent to process your data you may withdraw that consent at any time.

Were our business to be sold, all your data would be transferred to the purchaser so that they could use it in the same way as we do now.

If you are at all concerned about our processing of your data please let us know by contacting our Data Protection Officer Vicki Smith on You may also complain about it to the Office of the Information Commissioner (“ICO”)