05/06/18 – ‘100 nautical miles for 100 years’

On 5/6 May 2018, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force (RAF), British Embassy Defence Section and FCO staff, along with colleagues from other Missions in Vietnam, undertook a gruelling 100 nautical mile (= 185.2 kilometres) bicycle ride to raise money for the RAF100 Appeal and to help support wounded Vietnamese veterans of the conflicts that ravaged Vietnam in the last century.

Why 100 nautical miles?  Well, like sea faring, aviation distances are measured in nautical miles, so it seemed appropriate to ride 1 nautical mile for each year that the RAF has been in existence.

Riding in temperatures of +37ºC and humidity levels of over 90%, along what can best be described as ‘rugged’ Vietnamese countryside roads with an occasional 10% uphill stretch (which never seemed to be followed by a corresponding downhill section) thrown in for good measure, the riders all managed to complete the event – with the UK Defence Attaché, Group Captain David Houghton, selflessly bring up the rear and finishing last!