Wolf antenna field trials

23/01/17 - Wolf series tested; Wolf-150, WOLF-25-ANT and the WOLF-25W PUP HF antennas Last week, members of the SMC team field tested the ‘Wolf’ series of compact tactical HF antennas. A PFC telescopic push up mast was used to elevate and test several antennas, including the Wolf-150, WOLF-25-ANT and the WOLF-25W PUP. Excellent results were [...]

Wolf antenna field trials2017-01-23T11:08:52+01:00

‘25W Wolf’ Manpack HF Antennas

16/09/15 – ‘25W Wolf’ and ‘Wolf Pup’ Transportable HF Antennas Based on the higher power ‘Wolf’ antenna which is currently in worldwide use, the 25W Wolf and ‘Wolf Pup’ antennas have been designed for use where light weight and rapid deployment are needed, along with an extended frequency range up to 60MHz, typically for battery [...]

‘25W Wolf’ Manpack HF Antennas2017-01-11T09:32:08+01:00
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