SIGALARM – High Voltage Proximity Detector

07/05/19 - SMC has two different safety products which complement our mast products.... PROXIMITY WARNING SYSTEM This solid state electronic safety system provides both audible and visual warning signals. These signals alert the operator and attendant ground personnel when the boom comes within proximity set by an operator of an energized high-voltage power line. [...]

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Sigalarm Testimonial – Bruce Sousa (Hilomast)

26/09/17 - Sigalarm Testimonial - Bruce Sousa (Hilomast) - VIDEO In the testimonial video below, Bruce explains why Hilomast has used Sigalarm for so many years and why they partner with us: “My name is Bruce Sousa. My title is general manager and I work for Hilomast. “What we do here at Hilomast is a [...]

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Promoting a Safety Culture – Watch Ashley Pertler’s Video

19/09/17 - Promoting a Safety Culture - Watch Ashley Pertler's Video Sigalarm’s mission is to make it safer for professionals like engineers, construction workers, and firefighters to do their jobs safely. High voltage power lines are often close to job or disaster sites and being aware of them can save lives. In the video below, [...]

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