20/08/18 – Broadcast Mast with Internal Cable

The internal cable BR telescopic pneumatic mast series was specifically designed for the ENG vehicle market, where high head-loads are required or where maximum directional stability is necessary.

Standard Features:

  • The use of highly accurate drawn aluminium tube ensures optimum seal performance and minimum leakage.
  • A full length keyway machined in each of the extending tubes prevents relative rotation between them, the key in this keyway will break before any damage is done to the tube section of the mast, in the event of excessive torsional load.
  • Operation over a wide temperature range -22°F – 122°F (-5.55°C –  50°C).
  • Low Pressure (14-16 p.s.i) operation, to minimise leakage and seal failure.
  • Drain holes to eject water .
  • Clear anodised tubes and collars painted any colour.
  • Magnetic switch to warn of incomplete retraction.
  • Non rotating base plate and roof installation kit.

For more information, you can download the BR spec sheet HERE; or visit our general page – BR Mast Series – Pneumatic Telescopic Masts