05/10/15 – The SMC Gateway is used to support Tough Mudder Event!

The SMC Gateway was used to help improve response times to casualties at recent Tough Mudder event.

British Red Cross used the on screen location tracking application of the SMC Gateway to monitor where all their response personnel were located around the event. This enabled them to respond and treat any casualties faster with the nearest emergency responder.

Jon Richards, Radio Officer, HIoWS Area, for British Red Cross, says:

“Having the on screen location of all of our response units helped our casualties receive treatment and pain relief faster than otherwise may have been the case.

It revealed a hidden benefit when one of our “UTV” response drivers lost his radio whilst responding to a call. We were able to vector in a searcher to within 5 metres of the missing radio, who retrieved it safely much to the relief of the UTV driver and to the Radio Officer!”

We are pleased to hear about the success of the Gateway in improving response times and look forward to implementing it at future events.

Contact us for more information on how the SMC Gateway can help you, sales@smc-comms.com, or visit the SMC Gateway website, www.smc-gateway.com.