Our Approach

At SMC we combine our in-depth knowledge and expertise with advanced design and manufacturing technologies to provide you with high quality, reliable product solutions on time.

We do this is by utilising the skills and experience of our employees in each stage of the sales cycle.


> Knowledge
> Background in design and manufacturing
> Solution based approach

Sales & Services

Our first step with each customer is to advise. Our sales and service team have all come from manufacturing, engineering and design backgrounds, which has given them the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.


> Innovative
> CAD Modelling
> 3D Prototyping
> Bespoke solutions


Having identified your requirements, our design engineering team design the specific product solutions to fulfill your needs.

Using specially written software and FEA programs alongside the latest CAD packages and 3D printer, our innovative and experienced design team are able to turn your requirements into reality.


> Quality Control
> UK and US manufacturing
> CNC Machine
> Rigorous MRP


Finally, our production team manufacture your product solutions to high standards, on time, in our UK and US facilities.

We are able to assure quality and timescales by using our breadth of skilled labour, our computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines, rigorous material requirements planning (MRP) and quality control.