SMC Worldwide

The SMC Group is recognised globally as a specialist communications company. Our products have been used in a variety of challenging environments across the world, from the ice of Svalbard to the deserts in the Middle East.

SMC Group’s headquarters is in the UK with SMC Ltd. This encompasses SMC’s privately owned 35,000 ft² manufacturing and office facilities and is where the majority of the Group’s product design and manufacturing occurs. The Group’s subsidiary companies are located in the United States and France.

In the United States SMC Group owns two diverse companies, Hilomast LLC and SMC Solutions. Hilomast LLC manufactures and supplies SMC products to deliver and support our customers locally in the USA and surrounding countries. SMC Solutions LLC provides custom broadcast and communications vehicles.

In France SMC Group’s subsidiary company is Astel Communications Sarl, who specialise in advising and supplying the SMC product range to the French market and French speaking countries.

The SMC Group also has representatives and distributors all around the world to support you locally

“This enables us to advise, design, manufacture and deliver your product solutions
wherever you are in the world.”