Winch Mast - WTM Series

The WTM winch operated telescopic mast series are perfectly designed for elevating large head-loads without the need for electric power. The WTM winch operated telescopic mast series can be easily installed on a vehicle, building or trailer.

Key Features:
• Robust construction – winch operated telescopic mast sections constructed from heat treated aluminium alloy
• Full length splines prevent relative rotation
• Telescopic mast sections extended simultaneously by stainless steel rope system

Specially designed hand or electric winch featuring:
• Disc brake
• Fully machined involute gears for smooth operation

WTM 1 and WTM 2 (Winch Operated Telescopic Mast):
These winch masts will support large 3 element head-loads providing that the maximum operating heights specified in this table are not exceeded. The figures are for a typical antenna head-load with a boom length of 4.3 metres and element length of 8.2 metres giving wind loads of 45kg at 129kph.

WTM 3 (Winch Operated Telescopic Mast):
This winch mast is intended for smaller head-loads where maximum height is of prime importance. It is particularly useful for experimental work and field strength measurement. However, if under extremely windy conditions the operating heights are reduced to those shown in the table below, and therefore will withstand the same wind loading as the WTM 2 mast.

WTM 4 (Winch Operated Telescopic Mast):
This winch mast has been developed to withstand high head loads at heights of up to 9 metres. It will safely support a 0.6rn diameter head-load at a wind speed of 160 kph or a 1.Om diameter dish at a wind speed of 100 kph. It has a retracted length of only 2.98m making it ideally suitable for fitting to the rear of a vehicle. A 2.0m extension is available if required.

WTM 7 (Winch Operated Telescopic Mast):
Robust construction – mast sections constructed from heat treated aluminium alloy. Full length splines prevent relative rotation. Sections extended simultaneously by a stainless steel rope system. 5cm (2”) Mounting spigot supplied as standard. Maximum surface area of headload 2200 sq cms. Manual winch included.

Due to the wide variety of applications and methods of mounting, the winch operated telescopic masts are manufactured as basic units. It is, therefore necessary when ordering to discuss the type of telescopic mast, winch, mounting arrangement and accessories you require.

MastHeight Extended (m)Height Retracted (m)Number of SectionsDiameter of Top Sections (mm)Vertical Head Load (kg)Horizontal Head Load (kg)Max. wind Speed Un-guyed (kph)Basic Weight of Mast (kg)

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The data sheet contains:

  Complete technical specifications, including extend heights, vertical head load weight, max wind speed tolerances, and more
  Mounting options
  List of typical applications
  Full range of accessories

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